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ViProbe® II - From the established solution to the next generation

FEINMETALL ViProbe® is a buckling beam technology for contacting pads. The contact can be done with and without scrub – depending on the application. It fits for contacting on aluminum-, copper-, gold-, palladium- and other pads.

With the introduction of the next generation of vertical wafer probing, the ViProbe®II, all these advantages are extended by multiple lifetime extension options and further security additions to ensure security of the DUT.


  • Accurate wafer probing on fine-pitch pads over the whole temperature range
  • Simple exchange of single contact elements, complete replacement of the probes and even probe heads by the customer leads to lowest cost-of-ownership
  • Adjustable to most applications: from high pin count, to copper probing up to fine-pitch
  • Multiple lifetime extension
  • Extended security features of the probe head

Specifications at a glance

Min pitch of the DUT Down to 40 μm
Diameter of the contact element Down to 1.1 mil
Max active area Up to 105 mm x 105 mm
Capable temperature range From -55°C to 180°C
Current carrying capability at RT Up to 800 mA
Contact force at rec. OD From 2.2 cN to 10.8 cN