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Developing new Probe Card solutions is an ongoing process, the FEINMETALL development team is constantly in touch with the worldwide semiconductor test experts, always tracking the latest trends and technologies.

Here are the latest product developments for the semiconductor test markets.

Probe Card LiProbe® - The Lamella Solution

The FEINMETALL LiProbe® is the solution for advanced probing requirements. It has been designed to ensure a specific contact force as well as maintaining it over the whole lifetime. The lamella technology allows the probe to be much shorter than a conventional buckling beam and therefore is used in applications which require advanced frequency requirements.
Due to the flexibility of the probe design it is possible to equip a probe head with probes in different geometries depending on their
specific function.


  • Shortness of the probe excellent for frequency-dependent applications
  • Product families with different geometries in the same probe head
  • High design flexibility in terms of defining exact contact force
  • Stable contact force over the lifetime as well as a low contact resistance

Specifications at a glance

Min pitch of the DUT Down to 80 μm
Max active area Up to 105 mm x 105 mm
Capable temperature range From -55°C to 180°C
Current carrying capability at RT Up to 900 mA
Contact force at rec. OD From 2.8 cN to 5.4 cN
Bandwidth analog @ -1dB limit Up to 30 GHz

BasicProbe - Epoxy Meets Vertical

For a wide range of applications, fast and easy probing solutions are required. However, performance wise, vertical probing solutions offer many advantages compared to epoxy solutions: With the BasicProbe, FEINMETALL offers all these advantages in an easy, fast, and economic vertical probe card. The advantages of a vertical solution are clear: The stable force on the DUT compared to the linear
when using an epoxy card as well as the maintenance options.


  • Stable contact force for BasicProbe
  • Maintenance simplified for BasicProbe due to single exchangeable contact
    elements, Cantilever is limited, especially for multisite
  • Flexible head-sizes (shelf etc) and designs for specific applications
  • Longer lifetime compared to Cantilever
  • Lead-time comparable to Cantilever

Specifications at a glance

Min pitch of the DUT Down to 80 μm
Diameter of the contact element Down to 2 mil
Max active area Flexible
Capable temperature range From RT to 85°C
Current carrying capability at RT Up to 800 mA
Contact force at rec. OD From 3.4 cN to 10 cN