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Here you find current news about products and other important information about the company FEINMETALL. If you want to keep up to date on a regular basis, you can also sign in for our NEWSLETTER, which is published approximately three to four times per year.

Feinmetall and Cotelec sign a distribution partnership

The manufacturer of contacting technology Feinmetall GmbH and the French supplier of electronic components Cotelec have agreed on a partnership for the distribution of Feinmetall contact probes in France.


The future of contacting technology for tomorrow’s cars

Currently, the automotive technology is developing rapidly. Feinmetall offers comprehensive contacting solutions for the entire field of electric mobility. Whether for wire harness testing, battery testing, RF component testing or semiconductor testing, Feinmetall is ready for the future.


Test Connectors for electrical contacting of H-MTD and MATEnet

The contacting of on-board networks and systems always brings new requirements for testing and contacting technology. For the connector types H-MTD and MATEnet Feinmetall has now developed a new economical and simple contacting solution for electrical tests.


Perfect Contacting Solutions for Medical Technology

Spring-loaded contact probes are a perfect solution for many contacting tasks in medical technology. Not only for testing devices and PCBs, but also for interfaces and detachable electrical connections.


New RF Contact Probes for High Frequencies up to 16 GHz

The RF optimized contact probe series HF890 has now been developed for contacting common RF connectors with very high frequencies.


Compact Contacting of Common RF Connectors

The compact contact probe series HF830 has now been developed for contacting RF connectors such as SMB, SMC or Fakra in applications with limited space.


Expandable cell adapter for contacting round cells

Expandable cell fixture for contacting round cells of the type 18650, 21700 and 26650. By changing different exchangeable inserts, it is possible to meet the different requirements for current intensity and contact quality.


Strong in Radio Frequency Contacting

Feinmetall has focused strongly on RF contacting in recent years and now offers a comprehensive portfolio of practice-oriented RF contacting units.


E-Mobility - High Current Contacting of Round Pins

Contacting round pins is of great importance for e-mobility applications. Feinmetall has now developed a solution that also allows the testing of finger protection caps. The functionality is explained very simply in a short video.


Position Test - A Perfect Solution for Each Application

In both PCB and wire harness tests, a common application is to verify the presence of a component or the position or length of a connector element.  Here you can find the perfect solution for your requirements.


Pneumatic Micro Switch Probe for Exact Position Test

The exact position detection of a DUT is required in various test applications, especially in wire harness and connector testing. The pneumatic micro-switch probe F899 with two switching points (off-on-off) was especially developed for position determination in limited space conditions.


High Current Contacting on Screws

Lateral contacting of screw threads is a particularly difficult challenge, especially in applications with high currents. Feinmetall has now developed a solution that shows excellent results for this purpose.


Modular High Current Probes for Different Applications

In many contacting tasks, especially in applications with high currents, different requirements are needed. New modular high current probes allow an individual combination of contact probe, sense pins, temperature sensors or compressed air cooling.


Leadership Change at Feinmetall de Mexico

On January 31, 2020, the position as General Manager was handed over from Manuel Millan to Jorge Rodriguez in the office of Feinmetall de Mexico. At the same time the completely renovated office was officially opened.


Interview with the new CEO Dr. Peter Geiselhart

In 2019, Dr. Peter Geiselhart took over the management of Feinmetall. He is following in the footsteps of Wolfgang Bürkle, who headed the company for 20 years. In an interview with the magazine Markt&Technik he gives an insight into the current status of the company and his plans for the future.


PreciseTemperature Monitoring of Contacting Processes

In many contacting tasks, especially in applications with high currents, the actual temperatures at the contact point are very important. However, these contact points often offer little space and are usually difficult to access. An optimum solution is to use a spring loaded contacting unit with an integrated temperature sensor.


RF Contacts for High Speed Fakra Mini Connectors

Today's wire harnesses have to be suitable for high data transmission rates, and that with minimal space requirements in terms of connection technology. The new connectors HFM® or MATE-AX® meet these requirements perfectly. Feinmetall now offers a tailor-made contacting solution for these connectors.


ViProbe®II - the New Generation Probe Cards for Wafer Test

Feinmetall's vertical probe card technology is one of the leading contacting solutions in wafer testing. With the introduction of the next ViProbe® generation, ViProbe®II (long lifetime), the existing advantages are supplemented by additional mechanisms for life extending and protecting the wafer.


Trade Show Review of the Productronica

We are very pleased about the great interest, many good discussions, new projects and the overall positive feedback at productronica in Munich! Many thanks to everyone who visited our booth. With a few impressions and an interview with the magazine EPP you will get a small glimpse of our booth.


Progressive Series - Successful Solution for Difficult Conditions

Contacting PCBs places high demands on contact technology, especially for contaminated, oxidized or OSP-coated PCBs and lead-free solders. With the approved PROGRESSIVE Series, successfully used by many customers, Feinmetall has solved contact problems in most difficult conditions.


Leadership Change

Wolfgang Bürkle retires at the age of 70 and after more than 20 years as managing director from the operative business at Feinmetall. He will be succeeded by Dr. Peter Geiselhart, who already became familiar with Feinmetall as technical director in the mid-1990s.


High-performance contacts up to 600 A

The current developments in electromobility and the rapidly growing field of battery production require completely new contact solutions. Feinmetall continues to set standards with new solutions. The contact block HC01 allows applications with up to 600 A continuous current.


Feinmetall expands radio frequency range

The use of RF components in electrical and electronic devices is currently increasing rapidly. Suitable contacting systems are therefore required for test purposes. Feinmetall has set up a competence center with its own RF laboratory for these applications and expanded the portfolio of RF contact probes and accessories according to the customers’ needs.


Contacting of High Speed Fakra Connectors

FEINMETALL now offers a special contacting solution for the very special high speed Fakra connectors MateAX and HFM. The coaxial probes of the F835 series allow a secure and reliable contacting for the electrical test of these connectors. 


Contacting Small Connectors

The contacting of very small connectors with diameters down to 50 mil is not trivial, especially since the terminals require special mechanical measures for contacting due to their special internal structure. Depending on the required functionality and available space, there are different approaches to solutions.


Penetration of OSP Coatings

OSP (= Organic Surface Protection) is a protective layer on printed circuit boards that is transparent and hardly visible on the copper. This protective layer is considerably harder than conventional surface finishes, oxide layers or impurities and therefore difficult to penetrate.


10 Years Feinmetall Mexico

When Feinmetall founded its subsidiary in Mexico in 2008, the financial markets were in turmoil and the outcome of the company was uncertain. The balance after ten years is clear: By 2017 Feinmetall Mexico multiplied its sales to more than 3 million USD.


Awards for Feinmetall Presentations

From June 3rd to June 6th FEINMETALL was attending the Semiconductor Wafer Test Workshop (SWTW) in San Diego again - with impressive results! Two Feinmetall presentations have been awarded. Additionally the new probe card lines FeinProbe® and MµProbe® have been shown.


New Production Facilities in Herrenberg

Feinmetall has invested in a new production hall at its Herrenberg site. At the beginning of 2018, all work steps related to the mechanical processing of metal are accommodated in the new building. This creates space in the main building for further automation. In total, Feinmetall has invested around two million euros in the new production facilities in Herrenberg.

Light Contact Probe Allows Guided Terminal Insertion

The newly developed LED contact probe allows a cost saving module design. By an integrated LED within the contact probe the operator is guided through the terminal insertion process. The same module and the same contact probes can be used for the following electrical continuity check.


Reliable High Current Contacts for Critical Surfaces

For the reliable contacting of contaminated areas or critical surfaces like aluminum or nickel FEINMETALL has developed a new contact probe 1860C009 . By using three inclined contact probes, lateral scrubs on the contacted surface are realized. This significantly reduces the contact resistance compared to standard high current probes.


Probe Card with Spring Contact Probes as Contact Elements

In the new FEINMETALL FeinProbe® very fine spring contact probes are used as contact elements instead of buckling beams. This technology is ideal for contacting fine centers in bump applications.



Test Connector Holding Devices for Simple Mounting

Suitable holding devices allow a simple and secure mounting of all FEINMETALL test connectors. The floating design of the holding devices leads a certain flexibility regarding the position of the DUT. So even if the DUT has a certain offset or is slightly twisted, still a long-life contacting can be realized.


New Battery Contact Design for Higher Reliability

A new design of the existing contact probe series F650 and the introduction of the new series F652 now leads to a higher contact reliability. The new bias design makes sure that during compression the plunger is always slightly inclined and so it is ideally pushed to the barrel.


New Probe Series for 30 mil Centers

PCB structures are becoming smaller and smaller and require corresponding test equipment with very small centers. That's why FEINMETALL has developed new contact probes for 30 mil centers as completion to the already introduced probes for 40 and 50 mil. 


FEINMETALL Participation at Famous Local City Run

On Saturday, June 24th a famous local run called "Altstadtlauf" took place in the historic center of Herrenberg, Germany. For the first time a team from FEINMETALL participated in uniform shirts.


RF Probes for Contacting Switch Connectors

RF probes

Our new probe series HF66 has been developed for reliable contacting of SMD-soldered RF mini connectors like for example switch connectors or coaxial cable connectors. The special RF probe design makes sure that probe and DUT are well aligned in a large centering range. 


Position Sensor System Available for 75 and 157 mil

A position sensor system is the ideal solution for exact measurement and documentation of pin lengths, hole depths etc. This system can be used like a contact probe even in small centers. An integrated potentiometer allows the exact determination of the position of the DUT. 


Battery- and Cell Test

With contact elements and fixtures for the Li-ion cell production and for battery manufacturing FEINMETALL has gained a strong expertise during the last years. For formation of accumulator cells we have developed special coaxial high current Kelvin probes. 


New Tool Poster

With our new tool poster we provide you a quick overview about our tools for mounting contact probes. For a first impression you can have a look at the pdf version. On request, we will provide you a printed version by mail!

Tool Poster in pdf

Investment in Production and Development

FEINMETALL has invested about six million Euro in the production and development facilities in Herrenberg, Germany. New cleanrooms and production machines, test equipment and special instruments are leading to higher capacities, lower error rates and shorter lead times. 


New Fine Pitch Probes

The market needs for contacting semiconductor components are rapidly increasing. Components are smaller and smaller and the signal frequencies of the test signals are getting higher and higher. FEINMETALL reacts on these developments with new fine pitch probes. 


Worldwide Presence

Due to the increasing globalization of the markets FEINMETALL also grows more and more in terms of inernational business. This corresponds to a considerably increasing FEINMETALL presence at international exhibitions. 


New Variants and Accessories for RF-Probe HF860

The coaxial RF-probes of the probe family HF860 are already available for a large variety of standard connectors like SMA, SMB, SMC, U.Fl. or RF. Now the HF860 is also available for contacting FAKRA-connectors and for contacting directly on PCBs.


Test Contacts for USB, RJ and HDMI Interfaces

The need of contacting standard USB, RJ or HDMI connections and interfaces is increasing, not only in the field of in-circuit and functional test of PCBs but also in testing wire harness. The new FEINMETALL test contacts are currently available for various USB,RJ and HDMI-Interfaces. They can be mounted into test fixtures or modules easily and effectively.


New Generation Pneumatic Micro Switch Probe F899

Mikro-Schaltstift F899

The Pneumatic Micro Switch Probe has been developed for position test applications with limited space. The correct position of a test item can be detected by the pneumatic ascending of the plunger in combination with the integrated double switch function.