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Contact Probes

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Contact Probes
RF probes
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Spring contact probes are used to test printed circuit boards, wire harnesses, connectors and other electronic components. Moreover, they can be used in interfaces and as easily removable electrical connections.

FEINMETALL offers a wide range of contact probe varieties and makes it possible to have the optimal fit for each specific contact-making task. Our proximity to the market and customers, as well as our many years of experience in constructing and producing spring contact probes, form a strong basis for functional, innovative and economical products. Our product development follows our customer´s needs for increasingly finer structures, higher currents, improved contact resistance or higher frequency limits.

  • ICT / FCT probes
  • battery contacts
  • short travel probes
  • fine pitch probes
  • double plunger probes
  • interface probes
  • coaxial probes
  • radio frequency probes (RF probes)
  • high current probes
  • threaded probes
  • wire harness probes
  • step probes
  • switch probes
  • twist proof probes
  • push back probes

Please use our Productfinder on the left to search the right contact probe for your individual application.

FEINMETALL also offers applied contact Solutions, from standard interface blocks up to customized test heads, from fine pitch up to high current applications.

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