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Catalogue approprié par domaine d'application

Le nouveau concept de catalogue vous donne une vue d'ensemble rapide des pointes de test recherchées et adaptées à vos besoins, en vous fournissant également de précieuses informations de fond ainsi que des conseils d'application.

Pointes de test pour le contact des circuits imprimés

Pointes pour le test de faisceaux de câbles et de connecteurs

Pointes pour les pas ultra-petits, pour les petites épaisseurs, à souder directement

Pointes à fort courant, Pointes pour mesure Kelvin et haute fréquence

Product overview - Pogo Connectors

Pogo connectors are compact probes with a small travel. They are particularly suitable as battery or charging contacts and as interfaces for data transmission. But pogo connectors are also used in many end products where low-wear electrical contacts are required. The field of application for pogo connectors is diverse and extends far beyond pure test applications. Wherever quick-release electrical connections are required, pogo connectors can be a clever solution. From the charging of batteries, to applications in medical technology, to use in the furniture and lighting industry.


Product overview - New solutions for e-mobility

More and more, the field of e-mobility is gaining ground in the different markets in Europe, USA and Asia. Therefore, there is an increasing demand for solutions for testing and checking charging plugs and charging sockets.
For this purpose, we offer you a variety of solutions for current transmission, voltage measurement and the position test of the finger protection on the test object.
The complete overview can be downloaded here:


Product overview - Radio Frequency Probes

! NEW !
This 20-page flyer offers a comprehensive but compact overview of all FEINMETALL radio frequency probes. Now also with new solutions for H-MTD male, SMP male, Fakra male and MATEnet.


Product Portfolio Contact Probes

Our contact probes product portfolio provides a good overview about the whole range of our contact probes and their corresponding application specific catalogs. 


Overview - Test Connectors

! NEW !
This 4-sided flyer offers a comprehensive but compact overview of the new FEINMETALL test connectors for testing common connector types. Advantages are among other things the solderless change of the test connectors and the very high number of contact cycles that can be achieved.  

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Overview - New High Current Solutions

! NEW !
This 20-page flyer offers a comprehensive but compact overview of the new FEINMETALL high current solutions for testing, charging and discharging batteries, battery cells and Li-ion energy storage devices. Solutions for integrated temperature measurement will also be shown.




Brochure sur FEINMETALL

Informations sur l'entreprise,  ses gammes de produits et ses compétences.

Anglais, Français, Espagnol, Chinois

Flyer 10 Years Progressive Series

FEINMETALL has established a reliable solution for contacting even at the most difficult conditions. This solution is particularly suitable for contacting lead-free solders, heavily oxidized and dirty PCBs or OSP-coated boards.


Flyer Fine Pitch Probes

This flyer provides a short overview of our manufacturing capabilities for fine pitch probes and the resulting advantages and possibilities.


Product Portfolio Wafer Probe Cards

Product Portfolio - Wafer Probe Card Solutions


LED Contact probe

The new LED probe system provides a complete solution for guiding the operator into the process of assembling wires (terminals) in a connector.


For the Environment...

... FEINMETALL is very active. In this flyer you find information about our activities, certificates and our contact probe recycling.


Poster Contact Solutions for PCB-Test

This poster shows a good overview of our contact solutions for PCB test. On request we will send you a printed version of the poster by mail - just contact us!


Poster Tools

The tools-poster shows a good overview of our tools for mounting and maintenance of contact probes. On request we will send you a printed version of the poster by mail - just contact us!


Poster "Leading Contact Solutions for Wire Harness Test"

This poster provides an overview of the most important contact probes and applications in wire harness testing. We would also be pleased to send you a printed copy!


Jubilee Brochure

50 years quality and precision - this brochure shows a wide retrospect about the history of FEINMETALL.