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      Here you find exactly the right contact solution for your specific requirements: Contact probes for all applications, including standard probes as well as specific multifunctional probes.

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Switch Probe (Off-On-Off) threaded


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The F487 allows a simple testing of lengths or deepness. The switch probe has been developed for a mechanical detecting of a DUT at limited space. The movement of the plunger enable testing of the correct position of a DUT, a Pin or a borehole. The F487 can be used in standard receptacles like H887RD or H887KB. The combi-receptacle H887KB, enables a solder-less exchange of the probes.

The variant F48716B180G100E12 has a longer plunger to reach the projection height of 12mm.

Tip Style Material Plating Ø Version Spring Force
06 B G 2,00 - 300 note
16 B G 1,80 E12 100 note
17 B G 3,00 - 300 note