FEINMETALL FeinProbe® is based on spring contact probes as contact elements. This technology is ideal for fine pitches of WLP applications and can be used for WLCSP, WLAN , RF , SiP, analog and mixed signal flip chip applications.


  • Stable contact performance in terms of low contact resistance and force
  • Self-aligning plunger and crown tip reduces stress to the bump
  • Spring probes are able to withstand higher currents
  • Signal transmission of up to 80 GHz (when following specific layout rules)
  • Combined know-how from FM-spring probe department, special adaptions and wafer probe cards

    Specifications at a glance

    Min pitch of the DUT Down to 150 μm
    Diameter of the plunger Down to 120 μm
    Max active area Up to 50 mm x 61 mm
    Capable temperature range From -40°C to 150°C
    Current carrying capability at RT Up to 2800 mA
    Contact force at rec. OD From 10 cN to 18 cN
    Bandwidth analog @ -1dB limit 30 GHz (80 GHz on request)